ENG 03 – Introduction to Engineering Design is an innovative undergraduate elective course at UC Davis. This hybrid communication and design course is available to all undergraduate students in the College of Engineering, regardless of major or class standing. Course objectives are to provide meaningful connections between engineering content, oral communication skills and creative problem-solving through an engaging multidisciplinary team design experience without increasing time to degree.

Students learn communication, design and technology skills through an experiential student-centered pedagogy. The weekly interactive lecture sessions are followed by smaller group studio sessions where students participate in hands-on collaborative design and communication activities in a dynamic learning space created specifically for this course. Lecture and studio activities have been developed to engage students in conversations on engineering design and technology through a “learning by doing” approach.

Peer feedback and self-reflection are essential parts of the ENG 3 experience, the instructional team strives to provide a welcoming and supportive educational experience for all. Optional open studios hours led by engineering graduate students are offered throughout the week to provide students an opportunity to “tinker” with course-relevant technology, to meet with teams and to receive one-on-one help if desired.

Instructor is Jennifer Mullin, Ph.D. from the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis.   Visit her faculty website.

For questions or to request the Design Showcase website access password, please contact engineeringevents@ucdavis.edu.