Instructional TA Team

This course would not be possible without the support of talented College of Engineering graduate students in M.S. and Ph.D. programs. The T A-Team is responsible for leading the hands-on studio sessions, helping to develop the technology lessons, and supporting students through their design process.

Winter 2022 ENG 003 Instructional Team: Gui De Moura Araujo, Mayuri Asarkar, Aakansha Bhatt, Raunaq Chopra, Sergiton David, Andrea Harris, Fernando Ferreira Lima dos Santos, Clay Swackhamer and Professor Jennifer Mullin

Thanks to our legacy of TAs!

left to right: Kyle Cheung, Daniel Fust, Molly O'Connor,

Natalie Pueyo Svoboda (center), Josh Day, Ke Wang, Justin Satnick